Aquatic ecology, aquatic biogeochemistry, limnology, water quality, constituent flux modeling, hydrology, watershed processes, nutrient and carbon cycling in aquatic systems, aquatic macroinvertebrate and algal community ecology.


2013 Ph.D., Ecology, University of California, Davis
2010 M.S., Ecology, University of California, Davis
2002 B.A. (Dual) Environmental Studies, Geography, University of Colorado, Boulder


Aug 2017-Present Consultant, Biogeochemistry, Ecology, and Aquatic Research (BEAR Consulting)
2013-Aug 2017 Post Doctoral Research Fellow, University of Alberta, Edmonton, and the Hakai Institute, British Columbia, Canada
2007-2013 Water Quality Scientist, Watercourse Engineering Inc., Davis, California, USA
2008-2010 Stream Survey Field Technician, University of Santa Barbara, California, USA


Oliver, A. A., Tank, S. E., Giesbrecht, I., Korver, M. C., Floyd, W. C., Sanborn, P., Bulmer, C., and Lertzman, K. P.: A global hotspot for dissolved organic carbon in hypermaritime watersheds of coastal British Columbia, Biogeosciences, 14, 3743-3762,, 2017

Oliver, A.A., R.M. Spencer, M.L. Deas, and R.A. Dahlgren. 2016. Algal blooms and impoundments affect dissolved organic matter dynamics across spatial and temporal scales in the Klamath River, USA. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences. 121(7): 1946-1958. doi:10.1002/2016JG003497

Oliver, A.A., R.A. Dahlgren, and M.L. Deas. 2014. The upside-down river: Reservoirs, algal blooms, and tributaries affect temporal and spatial patterns in nitrogen and phosphorus in the Klamath River, USA. Journal of Hydrology. 519:164-176. doi:10.1016/j.hydrol.2014.06.025

Oliver, A.A., M.T. Bogan, D.B. Herbst, and R.A. Dahlgren. 2012. Short-term changes in stream macroinvertebrate communities following a severe fire in the Lake Tahoe basin, California. Hydrobiologia. 694:117-130. doi:10.1007/s10750-012-1136-7

Oliver A.A., J.E.Reuter, A.C. Heyvaert, and R.A. Dahlgren. 2011. Water Quality response to the Angora Fire, Lake Tahoe, California. Biogeochemistry, 111:361-376. doi: 10.1007/s10533-011-9657-0 


Oliver, A.A., B.V. Hunt, I. Giesbrecht, J. Jackson, M. Korver, C. Kellogg, W. Floyd, K. Lertzman, and S.E. Tank. “Bogs to bays: Biogeochemical insights into terrestrial-marine linkages from island watersheds within the Pacific coastal temperate rainforest.” In prep.

 Oliver, A.A., C. Kellogg. “Degradation of dissolved organic matter exported from coastal temperate rainforests and its effect on microbial community structure.” In prep.

Hunt, B.V., Oliver, A.A., C. Kellogg, S. Hallam, S.E. Tank. “Terrestrial-marine linkages and consequences for near shore marine food webs in coastal British Columbia.” In prep. 

Oliver, A.A. and R.A. Dahlgren. “A biogeochemical recipe for riverine N-cycling? The N-cycle demonstrated across multiple reaches of a regulated river.” Water Resources. In prep.


Oliver, A.A., C. Kellogg, S.E. Tank, B.V. Hunt, W. Floyd, I. Giesbrecht, M. Korver. 2016. Bogs to Bays: Linking freshwater carbon exports from Pacific coastal temperate rainforests to marine ecosystems. Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography Annual Meeting, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Oliver, A.A., C. Kellogg, S.E. Tank. 2015. Short-term degradation of terrestrial DOM in the coastal ocean: Implications for nutrient subsidies and marine microbial community structure, American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco, California.

Oliver, A.A., S.E. Tank, W. Floyd, B.V. Hunt, I. Giesbretch. 2015. Coastal temperate rainforests as hotspots for biogeochemical linkages from land to sea. Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation Annual Meeting, Portland, Oregon.

Oliver, A.A., S.E. Tank, B.V. Hunt, I. Giesbretch, K. Lertzman. 2014. DOM Export from Coastal Temperate Bog Forest Watersheds to Marine Ecosystems: Improving Understanding of Watershed Processes and Terrestrial-Marine Linkages on the Central Coast of British Columbia, American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA

Oliver, A.A., and R.A. Dahlgren. 2012. Phytoplankton, hypereutrophication and river regulation: A biogeochemical recipe for N-cycling in aquatic ecosystems, ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting, Otsu, Japan

Oliver, A.A., R.M. Spencer, M.L. Deas, and R.A. Dahlgren. 2011. An upside-down river: Multiple impairments influence organic matter characterization and water quality in the Klamath River. Inner Agency Conference on Research in Watersheds, Fairbanks, AK

Oliver, A.A., R.A. Dahlgren, and R.M. Spencer. 2010. Photodegradation of dissolved organic matter in two contrasting reaches of a regulated river, American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA

Oliver, A.A., J.E. Reuter, A. Heyveart, D.B. Herbst, and R.A. Dahlgren. 2010. Catastrophic wildfire effects on stream water nutrients and benthic macroinvertebrate communities in a subalpine, oligotrophic watershed. International Workshop on Health and Sustainable Watershed Research and Management, Wenzhou, China


2016      CZO Science Across Virtual Institutes (SAVI) International Scholars Program Grant, “Characterizing watershed exports from across a coastal temperate rainforest gradient.”
2012     NSF Polar Programs, Postdoctoral Fellowship in Polar Regions Travel Grant
2011     Graduate Student Sponsored Speaker and Scholarship Recipient, Interagency Conference on Research in Watersheds, Fairbanks, Alaska
2011     Best Group Presentation, Interdisciplinary Graduate Symposium, UC Davis
2011     Women in Sports and Events Scholarship, 2011
2008-11 Jastro Shields Research Fellowship, UC Davis
2008-09             Block Grant, Graduate Group in Ecology, UC Davis


2015-present Workshop organizational committee member, “Coastal Rainforest Margins Research Network”, National Science Foundation, University of Alaska Southeast, Aquatic Biogeochemistry workshop, Soils workshop
2015     Session chair and organizer,Biogeochemical hotspots across terrestrial-aquatic ecotones”, American Geophysical Union Annual Meeting, San Francisco, California
2009     Instructor/Teaching Assistant- Limnology Laboratory, UC Davis
2008-13 Teaching Assistant- Crisis in the Environment, UC Davis


Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography
Society for Freshwater Science
American Fisheries Society
American Geophysical Union


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